COVID-19 Update DCYF

Dear DCYF Partner,

See Stay Safe, Stay Healthy Proclamation Click Here

As an agency dedicated to supporting children and families to build resilience and health, it is our duty to find ways that mitigate risk but continue to provide services to the families we serve.

We know you are looking to us to provide guidance on what these new restrictions will mean for Family Time, pre-k, home visiting, Health and Safety Visits, 24/7 facilities, congregate care, transportation and travel. At this time, we are carefully considering all our options before we provide you with additional guidance

The safety of children, youth, foster and kinship families, caregivers, staff and our tribal partners is our top priority. We are doing everything we can to keep you all safe.

We are deeply appreciative and thankful for your commitment and want to reassure you that we will get through this together. You will receive additional information and guidance over the next several days via messages like this or through our DCYF COVID-19 page.

As always, thank you for doing your part in supporting children and families. We appreciate your patience and grace as we all work through this ever-changing situation. During this pandemic, you have all stepped up, focusing on the health of our families and served as a constant in the lives of one of our state’s most vulnerable populations.

If you have any COVID-19 related questions or want to share any changes, concerns or supports needed, please email