Cultural Care for children from different cultures

Good afternoon Community Members,


Please see attached flyer for the next upcoming Daybreak Circle Connections, will be November 30, 2020 from 6:30p- 7:30p. Next class topic: Cultural Care- We will be discussing Cultural Care as it relates to caring for child that is from a different race and/or a culture then the foster child’s, with a specific focus on Native American foster care child(ren). We will be having an open and constructive discussion why it is important to keep a foster child engaged with their culture, while they are in foster care. This class is planned for: foster parents, adoptive, relative families caring for a Native American/Alaskan foster care child(ren) Our facilitators will be Health Perry, Jeanne Mc Minds (Quileute) from Coordinated Care, and Thaidra Alfred (Cowichan), United Indians.

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