Fostering Change WA supports LGBTQIA+ Discrimination

We have over 7,000 youth in care that deserve a loving, caring, supportive, and most importantly WELCOMING AND accepting home to call their own. We at ECS believe in an inclusive world where we are not judged by the color of our skin, for who we love, or what we believe in. How dare any group of people deny our LGBTQIA+ Families the right to care for our 7,000+ youth needing a home. How dare anyone hide behind religion when they know full well what they are doing is discrimination against their fellow human. And just when the negative reactions come in, you delete the post
Fostering Change WA
This is a disgrace TO THE FOSTER CARE COMMUNITY. Own up to what bigoted hate filled post you created and shared tonight on your Facebook page.

By discriminating against LGBTQIA+ foster parents YOU are discriminating against the very youth you claim to support!

#fostercare #lgbtqia #lgbtqpride

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Biden Signs Executive Order Enhancing LGBTQ Protections On Day 1

The order tells federal agencies to apply discrimination protections to sexual orientation and gender identity, a stark reversal from the Trump administration.

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