Get your FREE at-home test kits

Get your FREE at-home test kits!

We are offering free, rapid, at-home COVID-19 test kits to residents of eligible communities.
To request your FREE Kits CLICK HERE

Why say YES?

  • Help reduce COVID-19 spread by testing at home and getting results in just minutes
  • People who don’t have symptoms can still spread COVID-19, so testing is critical to knowing if you’re infected
  • Along with vaccination, wearing a mask, hand washing, and physical distancing, frequent at-home testing protects our loved ones
  • Know more, live safer, and get back to the people and things you love sooner

Who should test?

Anyone age 2 and older can participate. Frequent testing is especially important for those with more exposure outside the home, such as kids in school or people who spend time in a group setting — whether vaccinated or not!