Making IEPs work for students in Foster Care

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Children and youth in foster care are much more likely to have disabilities requiring special education. Led by professional educators who are also foster and adoptive parents, this session offers participants an overview of the special education eligibility and service delivery process and the unique ways students in foster care and their caregivers are impacted. Specific strategies for improving individualized education programs (IEPs) and appropriate instruction and related services will be offered.

Options for formal and informal dispute resolution with schools and other agencies will be covered. Bring your questions, documents, and concerns, and we will “hack” our way to solutions!

Participants will be able to:

• identify the steps and stages in the formal special education process;

• name specific strategies for ensuring children have appropriate evaluations for eligibility for special education;

• exercise education decision-making rights and responsibilities under state and federal law and regulation;

• identify a range of dispute and conflict resolution strategies when families and schools disagree