Mockingbird Society Speaker Series

MockingBird is reaching out to all of us to invite us to their 2020 Fall’s virtual Event.

In 8 days, we’ll be kicking off the first conversation in a three-part Speaker Series: Through The Lens of Lived Experience. This event will celebrate Mockingbird’s 20yrs of impact, and share with the audience a view of our work and where we’re headed with it. You can learn more about the event and register here. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and, like Summit, we’re going virtual.

Although it’s not quite like the in-person Luncheon (this is our name for our biggest fundraiser event) , there are lots of ways for you to engage and support the Mockingbird Society, which supports the success of our mission:

  • Register Here

  • Watch: each speaker series event will be streamed live on YouTube at 7:20pm on Oct. 1, Oct. 15, and Nov. 12 (each conversation is set to last around 15-20min with a brief, live Q&A to follow.

    • Like Summit the event can be streamed on YouTube Live after the fact too
  • Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to register and check out the Speaker Series

  • Host a virtual watch party on Zoom or YouTube or another platform

Keep in mind it’s a 3-part event happening over the next 2 months, so lots of time to connect and engage.

Here’s some information about where we’re at with the event:

  • 223 people are registered so far, working to reach 500 before Oct. 1.
  • You can see who is in the speaker series and what they’ll be talking about here