New Foster Parent

First time foster parent here…no placements yet…what should I expect? Any advice for newbies?

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Make sure and ask the worker to give you ALL information on the youth before they drop them off or leave them in your care. Network with other Foster Parents join as many support groups as you can. Get as many trainings under your belt as you can. Communicate with fellow caregivers the success and the struggles. Know that you are not alone you have lots of people here that will support you. SELF CARE


Make sure you have clear boundaries and rules set that are the same for any child in your home.
For example, we don’t allow electronics out of the main living areas(living room, dining room) and I am allowed to check them at any time.

Be clear if there are behaviors that you absolutely cannot handle with kiddos.
For us we have small children and animals that can’t communicate if something is going on. So we cannot have kiddos who are violent or have sexual behaviors towards other kids.

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