Sesame Workshop Coming Together: Race and Identity Resources

Hi Marisha ,

Sesame Workshop has always stood for diversity, inclusion, equity, and kindness. As part of Coming Together , our ongoing commitment to racial justice, today we released the “ABCs of Racial Literacy” resources to support families in talking to their children about race and racism.

Rooted in research and developed in consultation with experts, these brand-new videos, articles, and activities are designed to help all families celebrate their own unique identities and value the identities of others, while providing age-appropriate language and strategies to answer children’s sometimes-tough questions around race and racism.

The work to dismantle racism begins by helping children understand what racism is and how it hurts people. We invite you to explore our Coming Together resources, available for free at And stay tuned—more to read, listen, and play is coming soon.

Your Friends at Sesame Workshop

P.S. — you can learn more about our ongoing Coming Together racial justice initiative in today’s press release.