Suggestions for DCYF Improvements



I started this thread after hearing suggestions in a Facebook thread regarding this news article. If everyone could share their pie in the sky big suggestions for improvements I will compile and present to the state at my 1624 Meetings. The suggestions below came from our Facebook page, please no idea is too big or small!

Caregiver Suggestions:

  • WISe team or counselor assigned to new placements for the first 30 days,

  • Drug and Alcohol assessments

  • Youth should receive a clear written explanation of what to expect in the first 90 days

  • Every youth should come with toiletry kit, set of pj’s, and clothing voucher

  • CIPR should include Provider One card number

  • Full disclosure of Criminal Background and the reasons a youth is in care, better CIPRs

  • State should be willing to allow security systems on the ourside of the home and non invasive monitoring in public areas

  • Parental monitoring software installed on youth devices

  • School supports should be available on the second day of placement

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This is the Addon List of System suggestions from several Facebook threads. Please feel free to share, add, and comment the more complete the list the better.

Thank you all for helping compile this list.

  • Better communication about the true needs of Placements BEFORE hey are place (bait and switch tactics being used to secure placement)

  • Treat Foster Parents with respect

  • Stop Targeting Foster Parents with ridiculous investigations

  • Courts need to hold Bio Parents to Timelines and goals

  • Set reunification times line and follow them

  • Better Counseling resources to hep navigate their trauma and pain.

  • Why do we have such limited choices with state insurance

  • Kids form connections with one provider, then WISe team is engaged and youth losses trusted connection to original provider.

  • COVID-19 Supporting family time visits when we do not know masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing , crossing county lines

  • More Transparency with case status and next steps – TPR rescheduled/drug out for years

  • FP should receive Social security card and birth certificate within XX days

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