Testifying for the Family Connections Program

Had the honor of testifying for House Bill 2325 Family Connections Program with Katie Biron.
The Family Connections Program is a program designed to offer foster parents and birth parents a facilitated way to meet. And it’s really designed around the child who’s in foster care.

It’s not a time to talk about the case or what brought the child into care. It’s really a time to have both the parents and the foster parents sitting together, talking about ways to support the child together.

And so we will talk about things like parents:

  • How do you want me to put your child to bed?
  • Who are important people that your child might mention are missing?
  • What’re your child’s favorite foods?
  • What foods does your child hate?
  • Any family traditions we should be aware of?

As it stands right now, there is no way outside of an informal meeting, like in a parking lot, or at court, for foster parents and parents to meet.

Watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/QipT7MwtqYQ