Treehouse’s Driver’s Assistance

Youth experiencing foster care , Extended Foster Care, Tribal Jurisdiction, or Indian Child Welfare face many barriers in obtaining a driver’s license and auto insurance coverage. Our goal is to remove these barriers by alleviating the financial burden on youth and caregivers.

Treehouse’s Driver’s Assistance financial services include:

  • Washington State ID (Reimbursement Only)
  • Instructional/Learner’s Permit (Reimbursement Only)
  • Driver’s License (Reimbursement Only)
  • Driver’s Education (Direct Pay to Vendor or Reimbursement)
  • Testing and Practice Sessions (Direct Pay to Vendor or Reimbursement)
  • Missed Drives and Cancellation Fees (Direct Pay to Vendor or Reimbursement)
  • Auto Insurance (Direct Pay to Vendor or Reimbursement)

To learn more or apply for this program CLICK HERE

Please note: Treehouse will issue reimbursements by PayPal or Check only. All reimbursements will require a receipt showing date, amount and name of vendor. Treehouse will issue direct payments to vendor by credit card or check only.