Understanding Social Media Tools & Traps

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Understanding Social Media Tools & Traps:

Empowering Families to Navigate the Virtual World

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“Understanding Social Media Tools and Traps: Empowering Families to Navigate the Virtual World” is a free virtual program that features a live panel, composed of three experts serving in the fields of communication, mental health, and social services.

The panel will discuss the impacts of social media from the mental health, ethical and civic engagement perspectives. There also will be a focus on how parents can manage and mitigate the risks and increase responsible use of online platforms. The program will be webcast live on Thursday, Feb. 18, from 6 - 8 p.m. EST.

This free webinar is open to individuals, parents, caregivers and child welfare professionals who pre-register. Presented by Spaulding for Children, Detroit PAL , and LifeChurch Auburn Hills , the webinar is sponsored by HAP – Health Alliance Plan , a Michigan-based nonprofit health plan. Those who wish to attend the webinar are asked to pre-register by clicking here or on the green buttons at the top and below.

Panelists include Luana Marques , PhD, director, and founder of Community Psychiatry PRIDE at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Associate Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School; Robert Jamerson , Detroit PAL CEO and a former PAL participant, coach and consultant; and April Dinwoodie , a communications and cause-related marketing and social media professional. The panel will be moderated by Craig Fahle , journalist and broadcaster expert in government administration and currently host of the daily “Craig Fahle Show on Deadline Detroit.” For more information, please visit Spaulding.org .

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